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Connect Your SA360 and PMC Accounts

This section helps you connect your SA360 and PMC accounts.


You can skip these steps if you have already created a dedicated Engine Account for Perform Media and shared the clickserver URLs with the PMC Account Strategist.

Create an Engine in SA360

To report on engines other than Yahoo Bing and Google Ads, SA360 has engine track accounts. You can create an engine account and create placeholder keywords.

Follow the instructions below to create an engine account for Perform Media.

  1. Navigate to the advertiser that will contain the Engine account.
  2. Click the Engine Accounts tab.
  3. Click New > Other Engines. The Settings Panel for the new Engine Account appears.
  4. Enter a name for the account.
    1. Choose a name that will allow you to identify the account. Enter up to 100 characters. For example: Perform Media.
    2. If you have a naming convention in other systems (for example, Google Ads Manager Accounts, Billing), using the same convention here would help account matching (for auditing or billing).
  5. In the Launch field, select a date. This is an optional field. Choose a date that is meaningful to you such as the date you linked the account. SA360 doesn't use the date for reporting or syncing.
  6. Enter the engine settings.
  7. Click Save.

The new engine account appears in the engine account table and will be available under Account in the account navigation bar.

Generate clickserver URLs in SA360

Create a campaign structure and keyword whitelist in your engine account and share a sheet with clickserver URLs with your Partner Manager. You can also contact your Partner Manager to create a campaign structure in PMC and share the bulk file. You can refer to the sheet and create a similar structure in SA360.

Use the sample file found HERE to import Perform Media account. The SA360 platform generates the clickserver URLs once keywords are added.


Perform Media bulk sheet cannot be uploaded into SA360 directly.

View and export the clickserver URLs in social or engine track accounts and send them to your Partner Manager. Your Partner Manager will use your campaign structure and the clickserver URL to create your campaigns in PMC.

If you have existing campaigns with clickserver URLs already set up in PMC, you can skip this step. Ask your Partner Manager if you are unsure.

  1. Navigate to the advertiser.


  1. In the left pane, click Uploads.


  1. Click the Engine Track tab.

Engine Track

  1. In the reporting table, find the row with the file that contains the uploaded campaigns.
  2. Click the Download file link in the Next Steps column.
  3. Open the downloaded file. The clickserver URL is in the Link column.
  4. Send this report to your Partner Manager.

For more information about clickserver URL, click here.

Click Tracker Example:{creative}&ds_e_matchtype={ifsearch:search}{ifcontent:content}&ds_e_device={device}&ds_e_network={network}&ds_url_v=2&ds_dest_url=

More Information

Conversion Information: Once the report is scheduled, the advertiser needs to provide the List of Floodlight events and their corresponding weight and any other logic which needs to be applied while counting these conversions.

Help Documents Please refer to the link below for additional information to generate the conversion reports.


SA360 Bulk Upload Templates:

Sample File: