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Conversion Tracking via Other Methods

To import offline conversions into the Perform Media reporting interface, please follow the steps below.


Prior to ingesting the 1st file for an advertiser, complete the following:

  1. Work with your Partner Manager to define the subject line and email address associated with the report. Our system recognizes the Account using the senders email address and the subject line. This is a one time process.

  2. Share the list of columns included in the file with your Partner Manager.

  3. Confirm with your Partner Manager if the ClickID is passed in the URL for advertiser logging.

Create a Conversion Ingestion File

The conversion ingestion file is “Comma delimited” csv file with columns as defined below (See Sample File).


The column headers are Case Sensitive.

ParameterMandatory?Data TypeDetails
DateYesDateDate on which the conversion occurred in mm/dd/yyyy format.
Advertiser IDYesNumberThe unique id for each advertiser found in the console (Note: Conversions for only one advertiser are allowed in a single file).
Click IDYesText*Click ID associated with each conversion.
ConversionsYesNumberNumber of conversions to be attributed to a single Click ID.
Conversion EventNoTextEvent Name for the conversion.
Conversion PayoutNoAmountDollar value of the Payout received by the advertiser for the conversion/s.
Conversion weightNoDecimalCan be used by the advertiser to indicate a partial conversion in a multistep conversions process.

Create the conversion ingestion file and share with your Partner Manager. They'll confirm that the required settings are in place. Once you have received approval, send the file to It will be ingested automatically.


Conversions may take 1-2 hours to appear in the reporting interface after files are sent.


The system automatically deduplicates against the same clickID/event combination.

Alerts and Notifications

Your Partner Manager will receive a daily email notification listing line upload successes and failures (e.g. duplicate clickID/event combinations).

Questions and Support

For questions regarding conversion tracking via Other Methods, please contact your Partner Manager.