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Conversion Tracking via Google Analytics

Connect your Perform Media Console (PMC) and Google Analytics accounts to automatically receive relevant conversion data. Conversion data is available for campaign optimizations the following calendar day.

Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Summary of actions to complete:

  1. Setup ClickID tracking parameter
  2. Add Perform Media as GA4 user with "Viewer" access
  3. Send your Partner Manager
    1. GA4 Property ID numeric code
    2. Event names to track as conversions in PMC

About Using Google Analytics with Perform Media

Google Analytics now has migrated to the new Google Analytics (GA4) setup. GA4 properties can be identified on the basis of propertyID. GA4 property IDs have only numbers.


Please note at this time we do not support this integration when autotagging is enabled.


For Existing Partners: If you have previously connected PMC to Google Analytics using Universal Analytics, please follow this process to update to GA4. We can no longer pull data from the old Universal Analytics setups.

Set Up ClickID Tracking Parameter in PMC

In order to identify every unique click where the Conversion has occurred, PMC needs to append a unique identifier called ClickID to the destination URL. Your partner manager will coordinate with you to determine the best UTM parameter to pass through clickID.

Key-Value Pair Example


Final Destination URL :{ClickID}

Here are the UTM Parameters. supported by GA. UTM parameters can be applied at Account, Keyword, or Ad level (Account-level is preferred. Your Partner Manager can set this up for you).

If all parameters are already in use, you can append the ClickID under any of the existing parameters following the syntax below.

For example : If the keyword is already passed under utm_term, you can pass ClickID with the Keyword


Sample Advertiser Destination URL


Final Advertiser Destination URL{Keyword_ClickID}

Grant Perform Media GA4 Viewer Access

  1. Log into your Google Analytics Account. Link:
  2. Navigate to the Admin Section of the Google Analytics Dashboard.


  1. Click on Property Access Management.


  1. Add a New User by clicking on the + icon and then click on the Add Users option.


  1. Copy the email address below and paste it into the Email Address bar. Email:

  1. In the Roles and Data Restrictions section, select the Viewer Role and click on the Add button.


Find Your GA4 Property ID

In the Admin section, select property. Copy the property ID and send to your Partner Manager.

Find GA4 Event Names to Track in PMC as Conversions

To find event names:

  1. Click Explore in the left navigation tab
  2. On the “Blank” tab click the + icon


  1. Select Dimensions & Measures. Click the "+" icon beside Dimensions and from the drop down menu, select "Event Name" and click “Import”. Under Measures, click "Total Users" and then click “Import”.


  • Once you have imported the required dimensions and measures, drag and drop Event Name into "Rows" and Total Users inside Values.

Sample Report


  • Send your Partner Manager the event names from GA4 exactly as listed in the platform.


What to Expect

  • Once the steps above are complete, your Partner Manager and product support team will quality check the connection and data flow, and complete any other internal configuration needed for data accuracy.

    • For example, if a conversion pixel is used prior to GA4 connection, your partner manager will update conversion weights related to the pixel to avoid overcounting.
  • Allow 5 business days for data to present automatically in the UI and the quality check to complete.

  • Once sync is in place, allow additional 3 business days to pull in max 30 day backfill data.

  • For any issues with your GA4 connection or set up, please reach out to your Partner Manager.