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Custom Reports

Reporting is one of the important modules in the Perform Media console, as it helps advertisers analyze the performance of their campaigns and get granular data. In addition to using the default reports, the advertisers can reach out to their Account Managers to design and schedule custom reports sent to their email on any of the following frequencies:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Any day of the week


Advertisers can request customized reports at the following granularity:

  • Campaign Level
  • Ad Group Level
  • Ad Level
  • Keyword Level


Advertisers can select up to 5 dimensions for a single custom report. The following table provides a list of all the dimensions available for reports:

Dimension NameDescription
DateIndicates the selected date.
Hour of DayIndicates the hour of the day.
MonthIndicates the month.
Campaign IdEvery campaign has a unique ID associated with the campaign. Select this dimension and specify the campaign ID or multiple campaign IDs.
Campaign TagDisplays the tags that you have added to your campaign.
Campaign TypeThere are different types of campaigns that you can create using the Perform Media interface. Select the campaign type if you want to generate reports for specific campaign types.
Campaign ObjectiveDisplays the objective of the campaign.
Ad Group IdUnique ad group ID assigned to an ad group.
Ad IdUnique ad id is assigned to an individual ad inside an ad group.
Ad TitleTitle added to the ad.
Match TypeDepicts the match type selected for the ad group.
Match TermDisplays the match term used in the campaign.
CategoryIndicates the categories added to the campaign or the ad group.
Budget TypeIndicates the type of budget for the campaign.
Daily BudgetEvery campaign has a daily budget. This field depicts the daily budget assigned to the campaign.
Overall BudgetDepicts the overall budget assigned to the campaign.
DeviceDisplays a list of all the devices on which the campaign or ad group is serving ads.
OSDisplays a list of all the operating system on which the campaign or ad group is serving ads.
BrowserDisplays a list of all the browsers on which the campaign or ad group is serving ads.
Mobile CarrierDisplays a list of all the mobile carriers on which the campaign or ad group is serving ads.
CountryDisplays a list of countries in which the campaign or ad group is serving ads.
PIDDisplays a list of publisher IDs on which the campaign or ad group is serving ads.
Conversion EventDepicts the conversion event.
Bidding TypeIndicates the bidding type.
Bidding StrategyIndicates the bidding strategy.


Apart from selecting any of the five dimensions from the above list, the advertiser can select as many measures as required. Measures are the metrics that display numeric values.

Measure NameDescription
ImpressionsNumber of times ads are served on the page.
ClicksNumber of times ads were clicked by a user.
CTRClick-through ratio (in percentage) of clicks and impressions.
CostTotal cost for the clicks or impressions.
ConversionsTotal number of conversions received.
Conversion RateDisplays the conversion rate. This field is calculated based on the audited conversion and the clicks for the dimension.
Conversion ValueIndicates the conversion value.
CPCIndicates the per click cost.
CPMIndicates the cost per thousand impressions.
CPAIndicates the cost per action taken by the user.
Val/ConvValue for each conversion.
Val/ClickValue for each click.